Jay is excelling on the Tourney field as well as with other ROAR programs. A quick summary at the beginning is not quite enough to understand how the Isle of the Lost came to be. True love's kiss is a lie. To @stfuimprojecting for @descendantswintergiftexchange on Tumblr. His chance comes to escape Cruellas clutches when King Ben announces the next set of villain kids to be brought to Auradon.Gil, the son of GastonDizzy, daughter of DrizellaUma, Daughter of Ursulaand Carlos, Son of Cruella De Vil. Jays tempted to start an impromptu wrestling match and get the upper hand, when Mal laughs. Worse even, because most involved Cruella and very real things she had done to him. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". Chad was pretty sure he was cool with it, though, even if he was a bit confused. That was what led them to Auradon Castle the others working on emergency evacuation orders for the Isle while Harry stayed out of the way. It was fine, it wasnt like sexual enterprises were the highest on his priority list, but when a twist of fate (named Uma) inadvertently revealed his secret to the crew, well- maybe they were all in for a better time than they anticipated. Did the good people of Auradon think that villains would love a child as long as it was their own? At first. Ben is committed to making changes for the Isle. Shut the fuck up, Mal whispers, but shes giggling as she says it. What starts as a celebratory drink very quickly morphs into a retrieval mission, target: chicken nuggies. Everyone in this One-Shot is 18 or older, if you are younger than 18 please find another story to read. I am not a princess. Aka, the Beast!Ben + Siren!Carlos + Incubus!Jay smutt-fic people need ;D. A fieldtrip to Neverland goes awry when Jay and Chad have a tangle with magical vegetation. A Chance. Princess of the Isle. Heres a hint: They wont. A stranger who calls herself Prue gives them the chance to react to the future to change the future for the better and stop a future threat. For some, it was more of a hunting season in the cutthroat race to the alter. You want to, Jay then looks Doug up and down, practice some moves together? His smirk intensifies after he drags his tongue over his teeth. It's good then, that VK's have it in their blood to not even recognize the existence of rules, much less obey them.Please welcome yet another OC I wrote and instantly fell in love with, Elara of Arendelle, the daughter of Elsa I of Arendelle and Hades the one and only Olympian god of death the underworld, and whatnot. Chapter One: Evie/Jay/Mal/Carlos de Vil [or Ben/Evie/Jay/Mal/Carlos de Vil]Chapter Two: Mal/UmaChapter Three: Gil/Harry Hook/UmaChapter Four: Ben/Evie/MalChapter Five: Audrey Rose. 69.8K 1.4K 19. Dear Readers, this season well see a love triangle, two heirs to two thrones go toe to toe, and one heiress fight the shackles of marriage with everything shes got. Whats a little treasure hunting without a couple of bruises.or a smidgen of iron poisioning?! It wasn't a recipe for disaster. I don't know whether or not to call myself lucky that fate had intervened. Fantasy DisneyVillains Maleficent Hades Dr Facilier Jafar Ursula Gothel Cruella De Vil Queen Of Hearts . "Can you not walk around the house like that?" Were just allies, Evie agreed firmly. According to Descendants: Isle of the Lost, she has a dragon-shaped marking on her arm, the symbol of Maleficent. If it werent for him doing that, she wouldnt be spending her precious after-school hours working on stupid scene sets. After Maleficent's defeat, Evie settles into her life in Auradon. Or, an AU where Ben grows up on the isle of the lost, and the world is both better and worse for it. Mal is in love with one of her best friends Carlos who she can't be with due to love being forbidden on the Isle and Villains don't get their happily ever after but all that changes when she is chosen to go Auradon Prep with her three best friends.A popular Descendants fanfic on Fanfiction.net and Wattpad is now available on AO3. Ever since Carlos has been working through life on the isle alone. But most importantly, now she is part of a kind, loving, fastly-growing and almost picture-perfect family And really, although her siblings try to help, and her copain and even his parents (who are also, kinda, technically hers now too) are all trying really hard but like can she maybe get a manual? Moral of the story, he shouldnt vent to Chad, but since he did, he may as well ride this crazy train until the end. He didnt question why they wanted to date him, simply taking comfort in the fact that there were at least two people out there that wanted him around. The second she processed the fact that her crush had just kissed her, it was over.Mal leaned back, rubbing her lips together to spread the lipgloss evenly along them. Fortunately for him, those too many people disagree with that assessment. The most magically powerful number is four. What if the Evil Queen had died and Hades raised Evie? Ben, Mal and Evie work out their own ending. Ben paused as he took in the sight of Mal back in her Isle garb. And what of Ben's sister? #bal #ben #carlos #evie #jay #king #mal . Dont be so loud.. Come on, lift your feet. There are so many things under Mals skin. It's them against the world, and it feels like the whole world is against them. Mal and Evie are both happily dating Ben, the newly crowned Queen of Auradon. A slight flush on Dougs tan face starts to accompany his deep breathing. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. So maybe Audrey was cheating on Ben with Chad, but that was only because Chad knew what made her happy. But not only Jay stands in his way. Meanwhile reports of a bloodthirsty white wolf prowling Auradon come in Its not hiding. As ambassadors for the Isle of the Lost and the first foray into an emancipation edict, the four come to the United Kingdoms of Auradon on the European continent under the supervision of Grand Princess Belle, the headmistress of the Royal Preparatory Academy in her husband's kingdom of Gascaine. Chapter 1: Purple Hair Mal's Point o. Browse . While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "I know you said your dad died, but you and your brothers are radiating far more power than a fae at your age should possess and I just want to help.". Be good Auroria, Lady Magnolia is watching. He likes it better that way. After watching Descendants 3 and scrolling through Tumble, I too came to the conclusion that no one is straight and this fic was born. They were in her home after all. Work Search: Let me dance like a bug on a cinema screen!Shake my hand at the world and its pyramid schemes!I'm in love with the groove and the gravy love me!Oh, mom, I've got the heart of a dancer!- Heart of a Dancer, The Happy Fits-Doug? asks Jay as he starts to walk over, the quiet studio filled with each step. # 1 Mal and Ben Family by Lilly_Giro 215K 2.1K 41 Ben and Mal just got married. Also known as That time magic greenery helped Mal figure out her feelings via stupid amounts of sex. Myth calls it the devil's number and said scholars are inclined to agree. With Prince Ben's royal decree they will have what they've all secretly hoped for. Ben, Mal, Uma, and Harry all do their best to show her just how much they value their princess. Chapter 8:The Sword fight battle Mal,evie,jay,carlos vs uma,gil,harry. Maleficent is a pretty bad mom, but Mal wants nothing more than to impress her so she tries to stand up to the nightmare of the Isle, not knowing she was also meeting her father. This is a descendants and defenders crossover. Contents 1 Background 1.1 Personality Work Search: Probably a crack fic, wrote it on a whim, #angstpartsarebestwritten, I tried Greek Lore, hope y'all like it, ending is happily abrupt? The Oracle speaks and the hero must go. Also, there are sexy times. The Beast AU, wherein Ben is born a monster and he is the only person who notices. Mal doesnt look him in the eye and Jay is grateful. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. So how can she stop three VKs attempting to steal a wand and try to free her father in the process? Browse; Paid Stories . Definitely not. It'll be the exact same story with more depth and much more of a slow burn. Auradon had far, far too many dresses for Mal's taste. Mas tudo que bom dura pouco, e Ben tem de voltar para Auradon longe do amor da sua vida.5 meses depois, Ben no se esqueceu dos amigos e muito menos do seu grande amor, ele decide fazer uma proclamao que levar alguns filhos dos viles para Auradon e nisso ele v a grande oportunidade de provar que os filhos dos viles mais conhecidos, no so iguais aos pais.Mas ser que os filhos dos viles continuam do mesmo jeito? Fortunately, they always did enjoy a good challenge. Panic, he guessed. But then why had she kissed him in her room? Mal was born with a heart defect that resulted in her having a condition called arrythmia. Jane/Mal centric with Carlos/Chad minor roleConsensual Dom/Sub relationshipMagic has a lot to answer for. With no other choice if they want to get Ben off the Isle safely, Evie agrees to the trade. Chad had never put much thought into his relationship with Ben and Audrey. or: mal has a nightmare, and jay is there to comfort her. ABANDONED, last chapter is a summary/outline of what the fic was going to consist of. Theyre scarred and calloused but theyre always open to bleed for him. Somehow, this is good. if i had chosen evil, mal continues, would you have followed me?. Read Chapter 13 from the story Do What You Gotta Do - a Descendants fanfic - disenchanted by randomreader000000 with 61 reads. Her mission in this world is: Ruin Mal Berthas life and to do that shes been told to get favor with the King of Auradon. I was meant to be nothing more than some guy's wife, to stay at home and cook and clean and raise babies. In Descendants 2, Mal has blonde hair with purple tips at the end. Family Day was a complete disaster, and it only made Mal and her friends more conflicted about stealing the wand. As Mal and Ben try to rekindle their relationship and Jay and Carlos try thinking of ways to get her back, Evie ascends to her rightful place, the place her mother trained her to be. More than Friends. Mals eyes never leave hers as her paw makes a slow move towards the vase. With help from someone. That's why Mal le Fey is one of four children born at 4:44 am on the fourth of April. E se a histria de Descendentes fosse um pouco diferente? The nonsense that followed was yeah, better not to dwell on that. So maybe dont wave it around until we can talk to someone about it.. Elle sait quel point la princesse est importante pour Harry. Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are a team. Fantasy Romance Mal Ben Maleficent White Queen Alice In Wonderland Descendants Oc Descendants . "Mal calm down!" AKA a Descendants Rewrite of all three movies. It was entirely by accident, but hey, no ones complaining. Work Search: If Chad happened to make a few friends along the way well, he knew all the Enchancian heirs names, he just needed to avoid them. There's a prophecy about Rachel that says she will become the most evil person in the world. Ugh, way to complicate taking over the world. That's the way it is and that's the way it always will be, that's the rules of life. He and Ben started fighting. Queen Maleficent "Mal" Bertha is the main protagonist from the Disney Channel films Descendants, Descendants 2 and Descendants 3, she is also the protagonist of Descendants: Wicked World. Chapter 1. Chad and Doug might not seem like the biggest prizes in the world, but as far as pets went, they were pretty okay. This Author cannot wait to tell you everything about it. In a last ditch effort the last of the hand escaped to the descendants universe, now they are recruiting from the isle in hopes of exterminating the defenders. Surely she wanted to get caught, right? in which a museum is nearly destroyed, some people get punched in the nose, there are confessions in the rain, and the author projects themselves onto multiple characters. The one where Mal finally convinces Evie to go to a party with her. After undergoing a transformation Mal starts to feel unsure she wants to live in Auradon when she confronts her friends no one but Carlos understands. A third school of thought claims that the most powerful magical number is three- there were three fates, three Graeae, three Erinyes, and three squared muses. Yeah, well that doesnt look so human to me, Jay said softly. Slightly off canon but mostly canon compliant. With the children of Maleficent, King Adam caves and finally accepts the petitions from his fellow heroes to get their villains' kids off, effectively evacuating the children of the Isle. A little less out in the open, a little more like home. Mal is excited to have a private date with Ben, only for it to blow up in their faces (literally), Everyone, this is CJ, daughter of Captain Hook, sights Mal and introduces the pirate who just crashed Neon Lights Ball, Careful, she bites.CJ places her hand over her heart and diales up her best expression of hurt: Hey! Maleficent is a pretty bad mom, but Mal wants nothing more than to impress her so she tries to stand up to the nightmare of the Isle, not knowing she was also meeting her father. Also known as: That accidental cannon rewrite that answers the question what if the Core Four and Sea Three had worked together from the very beginning? Mal orders. Also known as: That time Mal accidentally acquired two boyfriends and then accidentally fell in love with them, or maybe just acknowledged that she was capable of love the whole time, and that love extended past her two newest pets. Sometimes breaking the rules is worth itespecially if it means cuddling by the fire. What if Carlos was actually Prince Phillip Diaval, son of Aurora and Phillip? Mal goes back in time to try to fix one mistake but goes a bit too far back. Tomorrow was the coronation, were they still going through with it? Including the abrupt appearance of their soulmate's names on their wrists. "This is our only shot With some, well With a lot of luck, Mal will win her fight with Uma and join us again In any case, we'll give it our best shot" Carlos and Evie both nodded confidently. The feline raises her paw from her perch on the table in Uma and her boyfriends living room. And that means shes none of those things. They follow her every move and the pre. Did they assume any child born from a villain is destined to become one as well and didn't spare another thought? Now on their second year in Auradon Prep, what would these kids be doing? And Carlos? What Auradon doesn't know is that Evie's missing something quite crucial. There was a chance that Harry was slightly un-endowed in certain aspects of his life. When Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos go to Auradon, they are joined by Claudine Frollo and Zachariah, cursed son of the Horned King and ward of Hades. But she starts to see him more than a friend and is convinces Ben likes he. As her music starts to gain more attention, she struggles to keep her identity a secret. Evie is newly single. Were not girlfriends! Mal and Evie both denied immediately, voices overlapping with their dissent. Three heirs to the wealthiest and most powerful families in Auradon become fugitives when they are revealed to be mutants. With magic in their veins and enemies at every turn, the six plan to ensure every child on the Isle of the Lost is released Basically just Descendants in The Tudors AU tbh. That is, until they're summoned to Auradon as a part of Prince Ben's initiative to save the Isle kids. Mal demands. What the title said but my own au so going to be different. ALSO KNOWN AS: That time the Wharf Rats got to dote on their grumpy Harry, and also maybe get off the Isle, but thats not as pressing as the first thing ;). He knows at some point hes going to have to sit down and talk to her about it, but if he ends up venting to his buddy Chad in the meantime well, Chad has always been a bit of a problem solver. When she goes back to the Isle, she goes back to having purple hair, only this time, light, straight, and with bangs. Descendants: Mal x Ben Fanfiction Status: August 2, 2015 - August 30, 2016 (Book 1 of Descendant Series) (Book 1 of Polar Opposites Series) {I . I write for: Ben Mal Evie Jay Carlos Jane Harry Uma Gil Chad Audrey Basically Anyone In 1,2 and 3. Even the smallest twist can change so many lives. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (12), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Ben/Chad Charming/Evie/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Uma/Carlos de Vil, dubious consent because of mystical instincts, pointing at ben from descendents: i want that man to be feral STAT, Graphic depictions of violence - Freeform, The Isle Of The Lost is a goddamn nightmare, Alternate Universe - Descendants (Disney Movies) Fusion, Hercules | Heracles (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Bad Parent Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians), Isle of the Lost (Disney) is a Terrible Place, Ben finally realizes the horror of the Isle, References to Ancient Greek Religion & Lore, monsters creeping into my head (read them like a warning), (when will I ever stop with the body horror you may ask and never shall be my answer), no beta we die like these kids normal healthy childhoods, Isle of the Lost is a Terrible Place (Disney), Evie & Jay & Mal & Carlos de Vil as Found Family, United States of Auradon is Not Perfect (Disney), Anti-Magic Laws in United States of Auradon (Disney), Politics in the United States of Auradon (Disney), not technically but maybe technically cheating, the girl has always been half goddess half hell, Hades (Disney: Hercules) is the Parent of Evie (Disney), Ben/Chad Charming/Doug/Evie/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Uma/Carlos de Vil, So Deep in the closet they're finding Narnia, Chad Charming/Doug/Li Lonnie/Evie/Jay/Mal/Carlos de Vil, Original Male Character (Duke Francis/Chad's Grandfather), Politics on the Isle of the Lost (Disney), Evie/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Uma/Carlos de Vil, Ben/Chad Charming/Gil/Evie/Jay/Mal/Audrey Rose, Ben/Chad Charming/Evie/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Audrey Rose/Uma/Carlos de Vil, And Chad not knowing what's going on ever, Ben/Evie/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Uma/Carlos de Vil, Ben/Chad Charming/Doug/Evie/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Audrey Rose/Uma, Ben/Chad Charming/Doug/Evie/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Audrey Rose/Uma/Jane/Carlos de Vil, Ben & Jay & Carlos de Vil (Disney: Descendants), Prince Charming/Captain (Disney: Cinderella), Ben/Chad Charming/Gil/Harry Hook/Jay/Mal/Uma, Original Female Character (Chad's Daughter/Bella), Original Characters (Sea Three's children), Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Ben/Chad Charming/Evie/Jay/Mal/Carlos de Vil, The Isle didnt encourage healthy coping mechanisms. In return the villains will have their shot at the VKs who betrayed the isle and the people there. When Ben stumbles upon Mal with her mother's lizard container just after the coronation, a conversation follows about just what it means for Maleficent to have shrunk to the size of the love in her heart, and what that might say about the love she has for her daughter. It wasn't. Their opinions are not right. If someone comes to notice something that is from another author and I did not give him the credits he/she deserved, please tell me but in a respectful way. or: jay is hurt and mal tends to his wounds. Fight Till The End Chapter 1, a descendants, 2015 fanfic | FanFiction Mal knew they were in serious trouble from the moment her mother managed to stun Fairy God Mother in a single move. Yes, you do, Carlos replies, hefting the duffel bag over his shoulder. She is the Daughter of Maddie from Diary of a Sleepy Girl. Lets see what you got. Or at least, he did, but when dressing up pretty failed to cut it anymore, he took more drastic measures, using Fairy Godmothers wand to completely change into a girl instead of just dressing up like one. She hadn't meant to get caught kissing Jay. Inspired by A Gift of 76 Kisses by Azure_Lynx. Did you know there were this many stars. Mal doesnt wait for him to answer, it wasn't really a question anyway. Please consider turning it on! "Get out of here, Ben," he said, and my boyfriend obeyed. When Gil was eight, his father sold him to Maleficent, who purchased him to be her daughters very first henchman. Carlos and Jane had begun to spend a lot of time together. Happy Endings all around? This is /ment/ to be comedic and exciting. A compilation of Descendants-related prompts I've written over the last year and posted to tumblr. "-Or in which Doug actually has some importance in this diverse, race-bent Disney Descendants, with plot about childhood trauma, poverty, racism, a corrupt government system, as well as LGBTQ+ found family, the power of dance, and the (literal) magic of being alive. It clinks dangerously as he moves, and she eyes it with suspicion. "Mal calm down," Fairy Godmother said noticing how pale the young girl became. Previously known As Descendants Watching Descendants (Ft. Connie Hades ) Daughter Of the Queen of hearts and Lord Hades. She hadn't. His lips start to raise, a complete smile slowly forming on his face. After quitting Tourney in favor of studying, Carlos finds herself longing for something she thought she left on the Isle: her love of singing. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. It had been easier to ignore the objects of his affection when they werent on the same continent, but now that they dont even have the safety of antagonism to hide behind, Harry wasnt sure what he was supposed to do. (Starts with Descendants 2) We all know the story. -Ingrid Bergman. It was all they ever knew-until something happened to make it so that their time was spent half in one, half in the other? Despite living in the rotten Isle for 16 years, she survived. Also known as The life and trials of Chadwick James, the single dad and master wizard-to-be, mover and shaker of the political world who doesnt really have time for love, but if he could manage it, well that would be pretty great, he supposed. smol bisexual polyamorous mess. But what does that make Mal? Not a selfish boy with feelings that don't follow the protocols of fairy tales. I dont know why I agreed to this, Mal says. Like, its half a chapter at most, for real. Mal feels bad and needs some cuddles. But then Uma returns with Jay by her side, Harry has to face his inner turmoil so as not to lose her again. When will the child come home? For as long as Jay has known Mal, she has never asked a question. And a God. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. How different would Mal story be if she never fall in love with Ben? After the events of Diary of a Sleepy Girl, Maddie became Princess and married Oren Zeil, as Maddie's kingdom would have been left without a ruler otherwise, and this new combined kingdom would later join Auradon . Also, also known as The Mpreg where the Mpreg is the least important part. Everyone has a chance at redemption, no matter who they are, or where they're from. Its the first time the pirates have experienced real snow, and the others (see: Evie) decide theres only one way to introduce the pirates to an Auradon holiday. Mal could shatter his bones. Just to make it clear I despise incest, basically whenever yall send me a request I will add a new tag, the fluff is emotionally constipated bc its jal, I got my eyes on the prize, fight till the day I die, and it features: Mal the chaotic dumbass and Jay being soft af, and when I said pinchI meant it's mainly soft and feels heavy, The not-so-rotten four, being soft because it's what we deserve, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, they're drinking but i wouldn't say it's excessive, a bit more of a mature look at descendants (not in a gritty way but in a trauma way), Relationships to Be Determined - Relationship, Clarice Ferguson | Clarice Fong/John Proudstar, bandaging wounds whilst calling them an idiot, The Isle of the Lost Series - Melissa de la Cruz, Jay is kind of sort of in love with his best friend, Mal is also kind of sort of in love with her best friend, the place where we weren't stitched up quite right, No beta we die like Maleficent should have, this is technically pre Ben/Mal/Carlos/Evie/Jay but they haven't even been accepted into Auradon yet, Rotten 4 + Ben, Polyamorous Like They Should Have Been, Views From The Top and Fake Constellations, I honestly consider this pre-Jal/Mal/Evie/Carlos, you feel your heart taking root in your body (like youve discovered something you didnt even have a name for), their parents are shitty but its ok bc they have each other, your body told me in a dream it's never been afraid of anything, we laugh, and weve got nothing left to lose, United States of Auradon (Disney) Is Not Perfect, Like actually DEALING w the trauma of the isle, btw descendants 2 is irrelevant bc i haven't seen it, all characterization of uma and etc are based on fanfic, Chad Charming/Doug/Audrey Rose/Mal/Jay/Carlos de Vil, Politics on the Isle of the Lost (Disney), Because Chad Never Really Knows What's Going On, Lack of Understanding for Social Dynamics. I am never doing your makeup again, no matter how strongly I believe that I could do a better job than you.Could I actually have some of that lipgloss, too? Mal inquired, her eyes trained on the ruby-painted lips just inches away.Yeah, sure; Ill just grab so- Evie started, but her words were cut off by two plump lips on hers and two soft hands cupping her face. she has been ordered to cast a spell on him in order to find her way back home to the real world. Including the abrupt appearance of their soulmate's names on their wrists. CJ is a chaos pirate in the purest form and stuff happens.]. Giving the cookies to ben (this part is still in mal point of view) Ben and mal's first date. if gender is what's in your pants, why don't you ever let me wear them? Evil dreams" said Mal pushing the girl out of the kitchen. Secrets and Confessions Chapter 1, a descendants, 2015 fanfic | FanFiction Hey guys, I know I probably shouldn't start another story due to the amount I already have to write; but I couldn't resist this one.